Why Grow The Coach?

There are an estimated 24,000 coaches in the UK.  Most, if not all, professional bodies and coaching associations suggest coaches operate under supervision.  And yet, individual supervision can be expensive and many coaches use informal peer-to-peer relationships to look after their own emotional wellbeing and professional development.

Professional supervision offers more than coaching-for-coaches: it helps you solve dilemmas that arise in your practice, supports you through emotional challenges you face and provides fresh perspectives so you understand yourself more deeply, relate better to your clients and develop into the coach you want to be.

We offer value-for-money, blended supervision so you can access a qualified and experienced supervisor for a monthly fee appropriate to your current coaching practice.

Blended Approach

Our supervision plans comprise group sessions and individual supervision that co-create a safe place for self-reflection and to explore issues.

Our supervision groups comprise no more than four coaches who are similarly experienced.  As well as group work – such as peer-learning and role analysis to gain fresh perspectives on your coaching identity and process – we encourage coaches in each group to share their contact details for networking, mutual support and generally keeping in touch.

Individual sessions give you the opportunity to create a working alliance with your supervisor, to focus on your own emotional wellbeing, personal development and growth, and to better serve your clients.

This blended approach represents value-for-money supervision that fits with your coaching practice.

Flexible Access

Many coaches are accustomed to coaching remotely using telephone or video chat.  They know great coaching conversations can be effective whether they are conducted in-person or remotely.

Our supervision sessions are conducted remotely using Zoom videoconferencing technology.  This allow us to provide value-for-money supervision, retains flexibility and reduces both travel time and carbon footprint.  You select the time best for you from the appointments available.

Our clients also benefit from access to our online content library and membership of a FREE co-coaching group that meets nine times per year to practise coaching in a safe, supportive and developmental space and receive peer-to-peer feedback.

The flexibility doesn’t stop there.  We annually review your supervision plan with you and we jointly decide what supervision plan is right for you and whether it is best to switch groups.  In this way, your supervision plan supports your professional development as your practice grows.

The tools, techniques and ultimately the conversations I had with Jeremy were thought provoking, challenging and hugely enjoyable

Sarah – London