We create a safe place where you can truly be yourself, explore issues that arise and get fresh insight into your thinking and feeling.

What is supervision?

“Coaching supervision is the regular provision of a safe and confidential space where the coach is helped to reflect on their professional practice.”

– De Haan, 2012.

Coaching supervision is a safe relational space co-created by coaches and their supervisors for
encouraging, enabling and externalising the coaches’ reflective practice.

– Lewis, 2023.

Do I need supervision?

If you have ever experienced discomfort during a coaching session, had trouble choosing the most appropriate coaching question, or become confused as to who is benefitting from your coaching relationships, then supervision can help.

Coaches come to supervision for a variety of reasons: some want to explore the coach they are now so they can continue to develop, others want to explore the coach they could be and how to get there.  Perhaps you are clear about what being a good coach means and need help to overcome challenges and develop into the coach you want to be.

Our blended supervision plans create a safe place to attend to your emotional wellbeing and professional growth through peer learning and developing a working alliance with your supervisor.

You will also benefit from membership of our FREE Grow the Coach co-coaching group, which meets nine times per year.

Why pay for supervision?

Professional coaching bodies and associations suggest coaches operate under supervision.  And yet, most coaches do not pay for supervision, even when they charge high fees to their clients.

Instead,  they seek alternative ways of looking after their own wellbeing and CPD, such as co-coaching groups or informal peer-to-peer relationships.  There is nothing wrong with this approach.

Yet, deep down, coaches intuitively know professional supervision would help them solve dilemmas that arise in their practice, support them through the emotional challenges they face and provide fresh perspectives so they understand themselves more deeply, relate better to their clients and develop into the coach they want to be.

Grow the Coach provides value-for-money professional supervision that supports you and your professional development and grows with your coaching practice.

Jeremy provided me with a fresh perspective on my coaching, and enabled me to support my clients in different ways.

Justine – Harrogate

I developed personally…and my confidence and ability has increased as a result.

Jane – Doncaster